Friday, 18 January 2019

Tariq Al Habtoor - A Brief Look at Paranormal Phenomena

Tariq Al Habtoor appreciates any opportunity to better understand and explore the world around him – to take part in the study, discussion and research of new ideas and subject matter that inspire critical thinking and challenge his perception of the known world. 

Tariq Al Habtoor

This is one reason why he maintains a strong interest in paranormal phenomena – those occurrences or beliefs that seem to defy human understanding and are outside the typical human experience.

As Tariq Al Habtoor knows, humans have long engaged in the belief and discussion of such supernatural notions. Some of the more popular paranormal ideas out there include:

Tariq Al Habtoor
  • Elementals – otherworldly beings that have been reportedly slighted or experienced by many throughout human history. Believed to be spiritual, and to live amongst nature, such beings include anything from goblins and elves to faeries, sprites and Earth spirits.
  • Angels and demons – religious or spiritual beings said by many to be engaged in constant battle for human souls. Angels and demons are largely a product of religious mysticism, though they maintain a strong grasp on human imagination that has persisted for thousands of years.
  • Ghosts (poltergeists) – a phenomenon reported to exist within an unseen, supernatural plane and believed to often crossover or haunt our own.

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